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Welcome to the ASPLinux
Documentation CD

Collected on this CD, you'll find FAQs, HOWTOs, manual pages, and documentation files. In short, this CD contains documentation to help you become better acquainted with your ASP Linux system. You can install these indispensable guides on your local system so they're always available, or choose to browse them on the CD to save hard drive space.

You can either read the contents of this CD with your browser, or install the documentation from the supplied RPM packages.

Documents on the CD which you can read with your browser are in the following directories:

  • Manual pages: An on-line manual pages about Linux usage and administration, description of system calls, libc calls, file formats and protocols.
    You can browse those pages by package names index.
  • HOWTO: A vast collection instructional documents on how to accomplish everything from optimizing your hardware under Linux to working with Linux on a laptop.
    You can choose any HOWTO from the alphabetical index
    3 4 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Z
    or from
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Linux, system security, and more.
  • LDP: Mirror of http://www.linuxdoc.org/ contains plenty of documentation about GNU/Linux.

Packages on the CD, which you can download and install on your local machine, are in the following directories:

  • RPMS: Includes translated HOWTOs; HOWTOs in HTML, text, and PDF.
  • SRPMS: Source packages for the above documents (note that if you consider yourself a newbie, you should stick with the files you'll find in the RPMS directory)

You can install the above packages on your local system from this CD, or you can download the packages using your browser (simultaneously press the [Shift] key and click on the package you want to download).

If you want to quickly install from the command line, open an Xterm window, change to the directory which holds your package and type rpm -Uvh packagename.rpm. For example, to install HOWTO package, type the following:

# cd /mnt/cdrom/RPMS/
# rpm -Uvh howto-7.2-*.noarch.rpm

For easy viewing, documents installed from this CD will add an entry under "Documentation" on the main menu. If you're going to read the documents directly from the CD, follow the above links to the HTML versions.

We hope these documents become a trusted resource for you, now and in the future. If you have an Internet connection, be sure to check out the online sites to learn more about Linux and ASPLinux.

Thank you for your support of ASPLinux.

The ASPLinux Team